The Hopkinton Rotary has awarded over $257,000 in scholarships to high school seniors who are pursuing 2- and 4-year college, technical and vocational degrees based on financial need, community service, and academic achievement. Special thanks to the many sponsors and participants of our annual golf tournament who make these awards possible. 
"Thank you so much for the scholarship.  It is very appreciated and I promise to make the most of my college education.  I am very honored for this generous donation."
"Over my years of high school, I've become very involved in Interact and Rotary which I've loved very much. Being a guest at Rotary breakfast has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for your support of my higher education and Interact, my favorite high school activity!"
"I would sincerely like to thank you for presenting me with a community scholarship. I have enjoyed participating in service and giving back to the community."
Tyler Czarkowski, Banks Chevrolet Cadillac Scholar
Isabel Afflerbach 
Cameron Bassett 
Jaele Brown
Anthony Cauley 
Matt Dermody 
Stephanie Elrick
Logen Falzone 
Emily LaCombe 
Dylan Petersheim 
Sammie Goldblatt, Banks Chevrolet Cadillac Scholar
Janinda Maddison
Kevin Ball 
Annie Higginbotham, Banks Chevrolet Cadillac Scholar
Madelyn Houston
Emily Feagle 
Quinn Whitehead 
Brett French, Tools of the Trade
2021 Scholarship Recipients
Megan Kimball,Rhines, Banks Chevrolet Scholar
Erica Lewis
Lily Butcher
Megan Haley
Jacklyn French
Logan Briand


Jessica Janinda, Banks Chevrolet Cadillac Scholar
Katie Meserve
Lily Ogdon
Emma Rothe
Colby Quiet
Dan Rinden
Lily Presti
Tressa Tewksbury

Anna Hoffman, Banks Chevrolet Scholar
Cooper Otis
Corey Breault
Megan Ellsworth
Carter Haley
Emily Ehrmanntraut
Greg Dockham, Tools of the Trade


Somer Bryant, Tracy Banks Scholarship
Catherine O'Keefe, Jack Porter Memorial Scholarship
Simon Doneski
Caitlin McGlashan
Cooper Kimball-Rhines
Belle Sullivan

Nick Mayo, Tracy Banks Scholarship
Sam Needleman
Tim Meserve
Emily Campbell
Aiden Molnar
Derek Amoth, Tools of the Trade Award
Jonathan Aruda
Kendall Bergethon
Samantha Brewer
Owen Kanter
Nicholas Meserve
Lily Mitchell
Bowman Ridinger
Allison Rose
Jacob Walling
Philip Young, Tools of the Trade Award
Spencer Carney, Tools of the Trade Award
Emily Calder
Callie Chase
Cydonia Hubicki
Kyle LePage
Sean Mackenzie
Sydney Mailloux
Nolan Quinn
Evan Ruderman
Madison Sorel
Christine Spaulding
Matthew Boehm
Brandon Cayer
Nicole Cullianan
Megan Hemmerlien
JordanRose Mack
Brittany Marshall
Elyssa Moore
Hannah Needleman 
Andrew Reale
Brianna Russell
Joshua Saltzberg
Amy Sharpe
Emily Bogart
Slattery Donohoe 
Carter Van Eitreim
Brandon Glover
Zoe Jantzen
Brian Morgan
Ben Thesing
And from some previous Award Nights!
2003 Scholarship Recipients pictured with then Rotary President Tony Walker (r)